Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga



Yoga can help you reconnect with your partner and improve your sex life.

Many people often think of yoga as a way to unwind and de-stress after a hard day at work, but there’s more to yoga than that: It can also do wonders for your relationships and your sex life. Utilizing yoga within your relationship can be a simple and relaxing way to rediscover your partner at his most basic, human level, while establishing a firmer bond and enhancing sex. Here are some tips to get you started:

Try a partner yoga class. Partner yoga classes are gaining in popularity across the nation and with good reason. They offer couples a simple and easy way to reconnect without too much pressure, and since there are classes for every level, you can be sure to find a class that suits you both.

With partner yoga, you use each other’s bodies to help deepen your moves and to assist each other with more complicated poses. Not only will yoga improve your flexibility and help prevent injury, it will also connect you with your partner on a physical and spiritual level. In addition, it will be an interesting twist on your physical relationship, as many couples often don’t touch unless it is in a sexual way. This will help to remind you that all forms of touch and affection are desirable, and you might find yourself utilizing these moves and techniques even outside yoga class.

Use yoga moves in daily life. Consider implementing some gentle yoga moves into your daily lives as a couple. Moves such as downward-facing dog aren’t just good for your muscles and your mind, they can also help you to slow down and embrace the day in a more sensual and aware way. If you aren’t sure what poses are best, experiment. Try a few gentle yoga poses with your partner in the morning before you start the day. Both of you will be more present and focused as a result, and you will also create a strong spiritual bond that will last throughout the day, no matter how hectic things get.

Try a little tantra. Implement tantric yoga moves into your daily lives. The aim of tantric yoga is to create greater awareness in the physical, spiritual, and mental world, and people who practice tantric yoga moves often find that they are able to reach a greater level of peace and serenity. They also become more aware of their bodies and their responses, including on a sexual level.


Want to try some tantric yoga poses? Start simple with a sacred embrace, in which you breathe deeply and make direct eye contact with your partner while in a standing position. Then, move forward and embrace each other in an earnest embrace. Find an embrace that feels most natural and pleasing to you, whether that means resting your head on your partner’s shoulders or continuing to maintain eye contact while you face each other.

Yoga’s effects transcend the physical. It helps us become more comfortable in vulnerable positions — whether it’s a full backbend during class or a heart-to-heart conversation in bed at night.

On a purely physical level, many yoga poses — such as Upavistha Konasana (Wide-Legged Straddle Pose) — increase blood flow to the pelvis. In our sedentary world, the muscles that run through the pelvis are chronically constricted. Another crucial aspect of yoga involves engaging and drawing up the muscles of the pelvic floor (known in Sanskrit as mula bandha, or root lock), which strengthens the muscles that play an integral role in orgasm.

Ultimately, yoga can be invaluable to your sex life because it will remove the clutter from your mind and refocus your energies back on what really matters.


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