8 Worst Foods For Your Sex Life



There seems to be thousands upon thousands of lists of foods that will put you in the mood or boost performance – but have you ever wondered if there might be bad foods for your sex life? Could your food choices be sabotaging it!? Known as anaphrodisiacs, these foods are much less documented – how many of these, the worst foods for your sex life, do you consume?


A recent study from the National Institutes of Health has linked soda (including the diet versions) with depression – and it’s not just your mood that those artificial sweeteners affect. A study of 21,000 people concluded that people who consume soda have a higher risk of suffering from diabetes, dental cavities, obesity, dehydration, bone loss and sexual dysfunction, making soda one of the worst foods for your sex life.


If you’ve ever been on a diet, you’ve probably noticed how different foods without sugar taste. The solution? Food manufacturers stuff their “sugar-free” foods full of artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame. This makes the food taste nicer, giving it a sweeter taste, but inhibits serotonin (the chemical that makes you happy, and controls mood and libido). It can also cause headaches, depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia and irritability, and affect the production of dopamine, another hormone that’s essential for a normal sex drive.


Think a can of soup is a relatively healthy option? Well, you might be surprised. Many soups contain a large amount of sodium and a very low amount of potassium, which together can lead to reduced blood flow to body parts such as the genitals. It can also lead to hypertension. If you fancy soup, make your own from scratch. It’ll be much healthier.


Obesity Can Sink Your Sex Life .

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Love coffee? If you drink it often (usually defined as at least once a day) you might find that harm your adrenal glands. These are the glands responsible for producing stress hormones, and if function reduces, the sex and thyroid hormones can also be affected.

5. SOY

There are plenty of rumors about the affects of soy. Monks around the world, who believe that it lowers the sex drive, consume it in high quantities, and it appears that they may be on to something. Many soy products are heavily processed, which strips away any possible health benefits, and soy contains phytoestrogen which can affect the hormone balance in both men and women. In short, it’ll stop you getting in the mood.


Most commercially-bought cheeses are made from cow’s milk that has been treated with a variety of substances, including antibiotics and growth hormones. While these are fine in small quantities, if you consume more milk, these hormones are released into your body too. Known as xenoestrogens, these unwanted estrogens from food or the environment can cause mood problems and sexual dysfunction. If you can’t reduce your dairy intake, look for a cheese made from untreated cows milk.


Poor oils such as canola and vegetable oils are often blamed for conception problems. They releases free radicals into the body, which can negatively affect the reproductive system, and reduce the ability to conceive. Avoid the risk by using more stable oils, such as coconut oils or ghee, and using extra virgin olive oil wherever possible. Of course, it’s not just cooking oil that we consume. Many potato chips and snacks are deep-fried in oil, and these can create big issues. Its reported that consuming bad fats cooked at high temperatures can interfere with hormone production, skin health and cause weight gain.


This one has to be in there somewhere! Most people know that alcohol isn’t great for the body, but it remains a common belief that it’s worth the risk for the extra confidence it can bring. While alcohol can lower inhibitions and make sex more desirable, it is a depressant, and can cause physiological symptoms. In men, it can even decrease testosterone production! So while it might increase desire, alcohol can sabotage the actual act of sex.

Is it worth swapping these foods for your sex life? Do you suspect any other foods of interfering with your libido? While it seems crazy that your diet could affect your libido so badly, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on how much of these items I consume. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

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