Treating Females Sexual Problems


Treating Females Sexual Problems

Sometimes the sexual problem is caused by problems in the relationship and at other times the sexual difficulty in causing or contributing to the relationship difficulties. There are also times when the individual is troubled or disturbed and sex is not a priority.

I always recommend that clients have a candid discussion with their primary care doctor (not always easy for the client or the doctor) to see if there are medically related and/or medication related factors that could be causing or contributing to the concerns.

I offer a comprehensive evaluation to better understand the often complex factors that cause sexual problems in females. Here are just some of the psychological factors that can be affecting sexual desire and/or satisfaction in women. Many of the same factors could also be impacting men as well:

  • Poor self image.
  • Being stressed by personal or work issues.
  • Distractibility and difficulties with concentration and staying focused.
  • Feeling overly tired or fatigued due to a lack of a balanced lifestyle.
  • A negative mind set towards sex.
  • Poor communication with partner before, during and after sex.
  • Poor sexual skills leading to a dissatisfied partner.
  • Sex becoming boring and/or routine.
  • Performance Anxiety- fearing you will not do a “good enough job”.
  • Pain associated with the sexual act.
  • Feeling sexually inadequate and unable to satisfy partner’s needs.
  • Underlying high levels of depression, anxiety, shame, embarrassment or guilt.
  • Unresolved issues from past trauma.

As a psychologist, I am comfortable in working with female clients on understanding and treating many female sexual problems. When a problem calls for specialized treatment or the female is more comfortable in working with a female psychologist, I will help them find another professional who can better serve them.

Treating female sexual problems requires the ability to establish a trusting relationship along with specific knowledge and skills.

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