7 Surprising Things That Turn Him Off



From your favorite perfume to last night’s argument, a number of everyday habits could be sabotaging your sex life.
Of all our natural human tendencies — sleeping, eating, creating friendships — sex is about as complicated as they come.
But why? Sex feels good. It’s fun. And it’s great for you.
However, a number of factors can get in the way of a healthy sex life — both physical and psychological. For men, certain medical problems, from heart issues to diabetes to obesity, may lead to erectile dysfunction. The causes of erection problems can also be psychological in nature. And sometimes, what stymies a man’s sex drive may be linked to his partner.
We spoke with some top relationship experts and combed through research to find some pretty surprising things that affect a man’s sex drive and sexual function. Take a look.
You’re Too Buddy-Buddy With His Buds
Too Buddy-Buddy With His Buds
You’d think that being friends with his friends would be a good thing. However, research proves that’s not the case.
A recent study of more than 3,000 people published in the American Journal of Sociology suggests that when a woman cozies up with her partner’s pals, it can make a man jealous and actually lead to erectile dysfunction — especially in older men.
These men “are more likely to have trouble getting or maintaining an erection and are also more likely to experience difficulty achieving orgasm during sex.
What’s up with that? “Your guy probably wants to feel that he’s got the goods (you) and his friends don’t have the same access to them as he does.
You’re Hotter Than He Is
Got all the good looks in your relationship? Turns out, your adorableness may end up leaving your guy feeling intimidated and inadequate.
Men like to feel lucky, but they don’t want to feel insecure.  In fact, researchers from the University of Valencia studied the levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) in men when they were in the presence of a beautiful woman, and their stress levels tended to skyrocket. Since stress is one of the main triggers of erectile dysfunction in men, it’s no surprise the researchers found a link in the bedroom.
But he shouldn’t hate you because you’re beautiful, right? “If you’re an attractive woman and you’re attracted to a man whose beauty is not skin-deep, make sure he knows how hot you think he is.
You Went Overboard on the Eau de Cologne
too much perfume
Perfume’s supposed to attract a man and fuel his sex drive, right?
In truth, a strong scent may turn a man off for a number of reasons. A survey from the University of West Georgia found that nearly 30 percent of participants consider scented products irritating. Not to mention, perfume can set off an allergy attack or trigger a pounding headache — which could lead to erection problems.
Ask him how he feels about your scent. Everyone has different olfactory senses, so don’t take it personally if he requests that you change it — unless he’s trying to make you a carbon copy of his ex.
You’re a Snorer
Research proves it’s true: Snoring has zapped couple’s sex lives and ruined relationships. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 24 percent of married couples end up sleeping in separate rooms because of earsplitting zzzs, and about 17 percent of them say snoring takes a toll on their sex life.
And men aren’t the only ones who saw logs at night. If you’re a snorer, you can do something about it. Out-and-out snoring is something that requires a trip to the dentist (mouth guard), ENT (snoring surgery), or a sleep clinic (for medical help).
You Pick Fights (Just to Pick ‘Em)
Nothing zaps a man’s sex drive faster than constant bickering and squabbling. And though there’s always the chance of makeup sex, the damage could already be done: Research shows that men in unhealthy relationships are more at risk for erectile dysfunction.
The women men love are those who make them feel good about themselves. If you’re constantly nagging, he may wonder why you’re still around. Get off his case and onto your own.
Believe it or not, guys tend to be turned off by your tears. Compassion is one thing, however you’ll become immediately less attractive in their eyes.
Numerous studies demonstrated that this phenomenon has something to do with smelling. Men who sense the saline solution on your face have a negative reaction which can last until you’ll get over your depressive period.
You Try to ‘Fix’ Him
You Try to ‘Fix’ Him
Women often have a compulsion to improve their men and their relationships, but if you go overboard, you could deep-six his sex drive.
This makes a guy feel he’s not good enough just as he is, and that raises all kinds of insecurities for him. Love your guy ‘as is.’ Ladies, perfection doesn’t exist — either in your guy or you!.

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