Staying Sexually Active As You Grow Older


Sexually Active As You Grow Older

As you age, sexual intimacy becomes a bit of a struggle. There are a few reasons. One in particular is that your nervous system isn’t as strong as it used to be—so sexual arousal can take longer to achieve. While that may be, it’s still no excuse to not be stimulated in the bedroom. As a matter of fact, many older individuals say that their sex-lives have become better as they’ve grown older.

Be Understanding of One Another

Recognise that your bodies are not the same as they used to be. It’s going to take a little more work. However, through natural ageing, you and your partner have built many life experiences that have increased empathy and understanding. These difficult to achieve emotions strengthen your intimacy with one another, which can enhance sexual fulfillment.

Don’t Jump to Erection Drugs

It’s not necessarily the right answer you’re looking for. Yes, the drugs will help with erectile dysfunction but that doesn’t mean it also puts you in the mood. You may end up being physically ready, but psychologically uninterested. There are other supplements that can help with both. Natural supplements such as: Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Rhodiola and Yohimbe can help with blood flow and increase sexual interest in each partner.

Schedule Sexual Experiences

This builds sexual arousal psychologically. For example: have you ever written a special event on the calendar and then everyday became more and more excited about that upcoming event? Our brains snap and fire when anticipation is involved. Schedule dates that involve sexual intimacy. Your arousal will increase as the night goes on and this leads to a marvelous sexual experience!

Let The Intimacy Build

As you age, you may want things to “hurry up”. Don’t let that be the case in the bedroom. Be patient by embracing, kissing and simply enjoying one another’s company. Just remember that sexual intimacy is not all about the act, but about connection and being there for your partner.

While sexual intimacy may change as years go by, we believe that everyone can (and should) have wonderful sexual experiences. And by implementing these useful tips, you can help boost intimacy at any age.

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