9 Best Workouts for Your Sex Life


#Best Workouts for Your Sex Life

Jump-start your libido with one of these sexy workouts.

It’s no secret that exercise boosts your mood, jump-starts your sex drive, and improves your overall health. But that still doesn’t always get you to the gym.

So what could be better than a workout that takes your mind off the fact that you’re working hard to burn those calories?

Sexy workouts help us tune into our bodies in a sensual way, so we feel more receptive and more interested in sex.

Apart from doing the deed itself, these 9 exercises are the sexiest ways to break a sweat. They’ll get your heart racing—in more ways than one!

Pole dancing

No longer just for exotic dancers, pole-dancing classes have sprung up around the country—and appear to be here to stay. Private studios and nationwide gym chains alike offer lessons, no experience necessary. For women with flagging libidos, it can even act as treatment. I often recommend this with my patients as homework

Just don’t expect it to be a walk in the park! Sessions can involve hours of strength work (how else do you stay on the thing if not for clenched muscles?) and sultry swiveling to upbeat tunes.

Salsa lessons

Hit the dance floor for steamy salsa lessons and burn 200 calories in half an hour. You don’t need to be a great dancer—classes across the country are full of people of all backgrounds and levels. Plus, a workout where you get to don a flirty dress and racy heels can’t be bad!

To really stoke the flame, grab your significant other and take a lesson as a couple. Studies show partners who try something new together reap big benefits both in and out of bed!

Strip aerobics (cardio striptease)

You don’t have to look like Carmen Electra to test-drive her striptease-as-cardio workout plan. And don’t worry—you don’t actually take all your clothes off!

This class is more about sexy, stripper-like moves than disrobing—although you can feel free to peel off a sweatshirt or T-shirt, if you want to.

While strip aerobics could still seem intimidating, devotees stress it’s fun and sexy at any size or shape. Join a class where a choreographer can help you learn the steps, or slide into some fishnets and pop in a DVD at home—with or without an audience!

Chair dancing

Chair-dancing workout DVDs seem to have been predominantly relegated to late-night infomercials. But there’s a fitness gem buried even in this risqué routine. Gyrating and jiggling is highly encouraged—and the result is tight abs, legs, butts, and more.

Many private studios are beginning to incorporate these moves into their pole-dancing or other sultry dance classes.

Belly dancing

We love the message of this Middle Eastern dancercise: Love your body no matter what. So slip into a slinky hip wrap and shake what you’ve got to the lively Arabic music. Many major health clubs offer classes that can melt up to 350 calories in an hour!

Plus, for someone who’s not quite comfortable swinging around a pole, this can be a more modest way to get into sexy exercising.

naked yoga

Naked yoga

Not everyone will warm to the idea of a disrobed Downward Facing Dog. Still, naked yoga studios have popped up around the country. Fans say losing their clothes makes the relaxing and calming practice even better, allowing them to really celebrate their bodies.

The more you get to thinking about sex, the more you’re going to want to have it. Sexy workouts set positive expectations and help you feel more tuned into your body.

Plus, many yoga poses—done with or without clothes—open up the hips, thighs, and pelvis, and strengthen key pelvic-floor muscles for deeper and better orgasms.


Literally translated to mean “move fast,” this Colombian dance craze has swept fitness groups across six continents! It’s a mile-a-minute mix of traditional aerobic moves for maximum heart pumping, sassy Latin shimmies, and hip-hop-inspired booty shaking.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro to join in the party. New participants are encouraged to hang in at their own pace, picking up the moves as they go along.

Aerial acrobatics

Popularized by circus acrobats, this workout is slowly moving mainstream. It will definitely take some practice, but learning to slink among bolts of fabric hanging from the ceiling—stretching and strengthening, all while defying gravity—is sure to take your breath away.

Some private studios are now incorporating different types of anti-gravity movements into their classes, including yoga in midair!



This sport is not just for kids! Get lost in the hypnotic hip swivels of this super-fun belly blaster. Once you get comfortable with the basic how-to, you can mix and match these fun moves for a 30-minute workout that can burn up to 250 calories!

You’ll notice more than just the inches you lose when it comes to looking in the mirror. It makes us feel better about our body image and that will lead us to be more interested in physical and sensual activity.


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