7 of the Most Seductive Foods


Most Seductive Foods

Aromas and flavors are certainly seductive. Tantalized by taste, we are drawn to certain foods and flavor combinations that please our senses. Not so different from pheromones, the sensual pleasure we draw from the aroma and taste of food can have an aphrodisiac quality to it. Knowing in particular which foods excite and arouse us in more ways than one is, well, useful knowledge. These seven foods are sure to make your lover swoon.


Scientifically proven to release the same endorphins we release through physical intimacy, chocolate is a no brainer for this list. But I will suggest a few unique uses of chocolate to spice up your (love) life. Use cocoa nibs in place of chocolate chips in your favorite baked goods. Or sprinkle nibs over a mixed greens salad with nuts and fresh fruit and a honey-sweetened vinaigrette. Mole sauce is a fabulous and classic savory use of chocolate. Or play with chocolate and soft cheeses, like goat cheese chocolate truffles or small toasts with a soft cheese and chocolate shavings. Delicious!


Symbolically, this one does not require explaining. Beyond the symbolism, I think eggs are hopelessly romantic! There is nothing more pleasurable than sleeping in and sharing a slow morning and breakfast with your lover. “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” Trying to make your certain someone swoon? Fix a dish of baked eggs for two! Sophisticated, comforting, and personalized, baked eggs make for the perfect first ‘morning after’ breakfast.


This sleek nut has been noted as a natural aphrodisiac throughout history. Said to arouse passion, almonds also pair nicely with other seductive flavors (berries, chocolate, even cheese!), exponentially increasing their sex appeal. Roasted almonds are intensely aromatic. Almond flour can be used in comforting, sweet baked goods, and almond oil is soothing for massage (hint hint).



Chocolate covered strawberries are inseparable from Valentines Day. And rightfully so! A berry is defined as the fleshy fruit produced from the ripened female reproductive organ of a flower. Who knew plant life was so racy?! Douse those fleshy fruits in seductive chocolate, and you can’t loose!


Aromatic, comforting, and irresistible! Like chocolate, enjoying a bit of cheese releases many feel-good endorphins. Make it a delicacy! Putting together a small platter of artisan cheeses can be a very special and fun experience that is great to share with another cheese-lover. Serve them with fresh fruit, candied nuts, a drizzle of honey or a berry jam and pair them with a bold wine. Who could resist?


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The effect of some aphrodisiacs, like the banana, is believed to be down to sympathetic magic. In other words, it is the fruit’s phallic shape, which inspires sexual urges. However, there is much more to it than that. Bananas are full of an enzyme called bromelain, which is believed by some to improve male sexual performance. In addition, they are crammed with lovely potassium and B vitamins, which are necessary in the production of sex hormones.


Did you know that, in ancient Greece, the fig harvest was celebrated with copulation rituals? It’s believed that the aphrodisiac quality of this fruit is in it’s shape. An open fig resembles….well, I don’t need to tell you what it resembles. Allegedly, the fig was Cleopatra’s favorite food. And we all know what a sex kitten she was!

How sexually potent a taste or smell is varies from person to person. Regardless of your appetite for a particular visual or chemical aphrodisiac, feeling sultry begins above the ears. Let’s be honest: The most erotic organ is the brain. So if you think something will turn you on, I guarantee it will.

There has always been a correlation between food and sex because they are two of greatest pleasures known to mankind — and both appetites need to be fulfilled.

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