How to Restore Vaginal Elasticity


How to Restore Vaginal Elasticity

When it comes to how to restore vaginal elasticity, many women tend to believe that there is nothing they can do and that a loss of elasticity is simply a sign of aging or childbirth that they have to learn to live with. Thankfully, this is not the case at all. There are ways to restore vaginal elasticity along with plenty of good reasons why you should do what you can to rejuvenate your vagina its elasticity.

Learning how to restore vaginal elasticity starts with understanding why it was lost in the first place. Vaginal elasticity doesn’t only lessen after childbirth, but also for several other reasons. Vaginal dryness is usually the cause of a loss of elasticity outside of any stretching that happens during childbirth. When your vagina produces the moisture (natural lubricant) that it should, not even childbirth can keep it from eventually springing back to its original tightness.

Most women suffer from vaginal dryness at some point, but for those who are going through perimenopuase or menopause, hormonal changes, and even those taking certain medications; vaginal dryness becomes a chronic problem. Even over-the-counter cold and allergy medications can contribute to vaginal dryness by interfering with your body’s ability to produce lubrication. The dry skin then becomes less firm and supple, ultimately losing elasticity which then leads to uncomfortable or painful sex, itching, irritation, inflammation, and even infection. It’s a very vicious cycle that can interfere with your sex life and self confidence.

A Healthy Vagina Leads to Healthy Sex .

Fast And Effective Ways To Tighten Loose Vagina After Childbirth .

Restoring vaginal elasticity is possible with a vaginal rejuvenation gel. What you need to do when it comes to how to restore vaginal elasticity is look for a cream or gel that contains only natural ingredients. The reason for this is that many of the vaginal tightening products on the market contain dyes and perfumes which often contain alcohol which is known to dry out the skin—ultimately leading to more dryness that can work against restoring elasticity.

Also, a gel like this works far better than simply adding some personal lubricant to your sex life because it offers more than just a temporary fix. It works by increasing the blood flow to the vagina so that sexual pleasure is heightened which causes your body to naturally produce lubrication. Applying it regularly keeps your vagina naturally moist all the time so that your elasticity returns and discomfort in and out of the bedroom improves.

Another way that will help you to restore your vaginal elasticity along with using a female rejuvenation gel is being aware of the controllable factors in your life that could be causing vaginal dryness. For instance, talk to your doctor about switching any medications you may be on that lists vaginal dryness as a side effect.

Avoid any soaps, body washes, lotions or hygiene products that contain perfumes or dyes to avoid drying out the skin even more.

If your looking to restore vaginal elasticity, you may want to look at using a natural cream such as Intivar.


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