Does A Bigger Penis Enhance Sexual Performance?


Penis Enhancers

One only has to look at the fast growth in the market of the penis enlargement products to tell that plenty of men aren’t happy with the current size of their penis. When it comes to sex it’s unclear whether the problem these men face comes from their penis size, low confidence or something else. What is clear though is that a bigger penis is one of the ways to achieve more success in bed.

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When it comes to sex, no guy needs to be told about the benefits a bigger penis. It’s fantastic when you don’t have to be concerned about sex and you can simply get into it whenever and wherever it might happen. That feeling is what you get when you don’t have to worry about what a woman might think or say when she finds out that you’re not all that well-endowed.

You also get that feeling when you see a smile of contentment on your ladies face and you can tell that you’ve done a great job. A bigger penis isn’t necessarily the answer to all of one’s prayers, but it can be a real advantage if you use it in the right way.

One also has to consider the psychological benefits when it comes to having a bigger penis packed into your pants. No one is going to be shy around women when those same women are checking out the bulging crotch. There’s also nothing that really comes close to the feeling of confidence that’s obvious for all to see on the face of any guy who’s completely sure of his ability to charm any woman.

No matter how many bad experiences you may have had, a bigger penis definately makes you feel as if you can handle absolutely anything. Women love that attitude in their men as long as it doesn’t become arrogance.

The big question that men have wondered about forever and would love to have a definitive answer to is, “Do women really prefer a bigger penis?” As unfulfilling as it is, the answer is different for all women. However, it can be said that many women do tend to enjoy a bigger penis. Although a bigger penis size won’t make up for having a lack of skill when it comes to sex, it would still be better to be bigger than average rather than the other way around.

Some women prefer a penis with a bigger girth while others enjoy a longer penis. Regardless, you can’t go wrong by having a bigger penis. Even if you had some bad luck and some woman doesn’t appreciate your being bigger, that’s not likely to be a problem since it’s not the same psychologicaly.

Having a bigger penis can also bring about other important advantages. Not having to worry about anything is pretty important when it comes to enjoying sex. It should be a positive thing and not a source of anxiety or even depression and there is no need to become a hermit just because you’re afraid of a night of passion. Packing a bigger penis will give you the confidence to live life to the fullest.


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