5 Naughty & Fun Sex Games For Killer Sex


Naughty & Fun Sex Games For Killer Sex

Do You Want Sex To Be Fun?

Do you feel that sex is getting boring and want to try new things? Are you looking for some ideas to try with your lover? Do you want to surprise your partner and go out of the ordinary in your intimacy? Here are some ways you can do to spice things up tonight.

(1) Engage In Blindfold Sex

Being tied up is erotic because it begins a power game. Let your woman tie you up, striptease you, then blindfold you and tease you to heaven using whatever comes handy. To make it more interesting, she can put some yummy treats like strawberries, honey or chocolate on the various hot spots of her body to get you to hunt for it using your tongue. Whenever each time you locate the ‘delicious spot’, she will grant you a sexual favor.

Or the other way around: you tie her up and use various items to stroke her body. Experiment with the pressure of your touch and tease your partner by pausing before touching her again in an unexpected place – moving from one part of her body to another. Allow you lips to trace the lines of her body, kissing and licking as you move down towards her vagina. This is an intense form of foreplay, because she cannot see what you are doing, which makes her anticipation that much more powerful.If she is willing, use her hands to touch her breasts and clitoris, and watch her play with herself.

(2) Shave Each Other’s Pubic Hair

You shave her pubic hair and then let her return the favor. First, take a hot bath to soften the skin and hair. Second, use scissors to trim the length. Third, lie on the bed or on a table and start shaving him/her. If you like to be artistic you can shave her hair into the shape of a heart. You will definitely love the effect of her clean-shaven of her sexy bits which are normally hidden in fuzz. Many women find the whole area much more sensitive without the fur. Your hair-free erection will tend to look smooth and impressively bigger.

(3) Film Yourself In Action

Make a video together while having sex and delete it after the act to prevent it from being accidentally leaked in the future. Watching yourselves having sex in the video and having sex at the same time can be a huge turn on for both of you. Making your own dirty sex tape can be a very sexy way to spend intimate time with your lover. You can even introduce role-play into the act by pretending you and/or your lover is someone else or some porn stars and stick to the roles throughout the session.

It is easy enough to get out your video phone these days and do a bit of amateur filming at the blink of an eye, so make use of new technologies. It doesn’t have to be a fully set up porn scene, just film yourselves together doing something you both like, then you can look at it later.

(4) Have Sex At Unusual Places

This means just having sex at any place outside of your usual bedroom, which can be your car, public toilet, the clothing-trying room in the department store, a park, an alley, a crowded bus, in a cinema filming an erotic movie, a sheltered spot on the beach, or doing it at a hotel swimming pool at night and even skinny dipping there, etc. All these places offer the thrill of debauchery and the rush you get from anticipating being caught in the act is likely to lead to an all-night long of exciting sex.

One of the most popular places is of course the boss’ desk, preferably at night. Make sure that your wicked indiscretion is not witnessed by that ambitious co-worker with designs on your job. Of course do check for any security cameras that could record your naked frolicking, otherwise you might have some rather embarrassing explaining to do!

The key to having sex in public is to keep it decent and discreet. This means wearing appropriate clothing for easy access, and keeping the huffs, puffs and squeals down. Your thrills may not thrill too many other people.

(5) Get Creative And Messy

Show your creative side with a little body paint. Take turns turning each other on and into a new work of art. Better yet, try playing with your food. Though it may sound a little cliché, your woman could be harboring a food fantasy. Champagne, strawberries and chocolate sauce are all popular choices for a little bedroom food play.

Work with what you have, whether it is an orange or an orange Popsicle. Just keep in mind that foods containing sugar can cause bacteria buildup, which can lead to yeast infections. Of course, cleaning up together could be just as much fun as getting a little dirty. Try something new! Never covered each other in whipped cream before? Try it! Never done it in the kitchen before? Try it!

Forget your inhibitions and try these fun things tonight! There are so many new things to try out when it comes to your sex life, even if you think you have tried it all, try it again, in a different color, with a different flavor or in a different place. Be brave! Be suggestive, talk about things you would both like to do; you will be surprised at what comes out. Don’t ever forget that the best sex comes to those who communicate.

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