Natural Vaginal Dryness Treatment


Natural Vaginal dryness treatment

Vaginal dryness treatment is something many women find difficult or even embarrassing to talk about with their physician. Some hope their condition will magically disappear or at least improve. And young women, if you’ve noticed, haven’t a clue. When it comes to menopause, most women are caught unprepared. It simply isn’t something your mother talked about. Your friends, unless they’re older, may be pretending it doesn’t exist at all. Harsh realities confront women when they come into menopause, as well as uncomfortable or painful symptoms.

Vaginal dryness is a serious symptom many women encounter as they mature. While virtually every woman will experience some form of vaginal atrophy during their post menopausal years, between 40 – 50 % of all women need to seek a vaginal dryness treatment. An effective treatment will alleviate those symptoms that come from the loss of natural vaginal lubrication.

The major cause of vaginal dryness is the decreasing levels of estrogen produced by a woman’s body. As estrogen levels decline, vaginal tissue, which has thousands of nerve endings, can get dry and irritated. Lack of estrogen results in less vaginal lubrication. Less lubrication leads to further discomfort and often pain. Fortunately, vaginal dryness treatment produces highly effective results, including a reduction in inflammation, irritation and tenderness.

If ignored, sexual intercourse becomes painful, if not impossible and the risk of micro-tears to delicate vaginal tissue runs high. A sound program of vaginal dryness treatment can provide a good solution long before more severe symptoms occur.

One of the most popular products for vaginal dryness treatment is Intivar. This water-based natural vaginal moisturizer increases the body’s own moisture while also providing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and skin softening nutrients for improved vaginal health.

Her Solution Gel is a unique female renewal gel that has been proven to help moisturise and tighten the vagina for health and pleasure.

Her Solution Gel is also designed to aid in tightening the vaginal wall, restoring the overall youthfulness of your Vagina. There are also many things can affect our hormones, such as age and daily stress. This can affect our sexual desire.


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