54 Love Boosters for Super-Busy Couples


Love Boosters for Super-Busy Couples

Many a marriage expert (or possibly your own preconceived notions) would have you believe that you need to spend huge blocks of so-called quality time working on Life’s Most Important Relationship to keep it going strong. For most of us living in the real world, however, those just-the-two-of-us candlelit dinners and deep, soulful talks don’t fit into a regular routine. And that’s okay. The fact is, marriage is in the details: the little stolen moments you two share each day. Need inspiration? Try any — or all — of these sweet and romantic ideas, most of which take no more than five minutes and will keep you crazy in love.

Love Boosters

1. Tell him why he’s so much sexier now than when you first met him.

2. Pat his butt when he passes your chair on the way to let the dog out.

3. Bring him a cup of freshly brewed coffee when he’s up late working.

4. Watch The Three Stooges with him without even once asking “What’s funny about this?”

5. Develop code gestures for when you’re out in public. Signals that communicate the following are crucial: “This party is boring me to tears” and “I’ve got to get you home and make love to you.”

6. Get up with him a half hour earlier than usual and use the time to talk, make love or just read the paper together, side by side.

7. Link up your Palm Pilots and leave him a love message for the day.

8. Plop onto the sofa and give each other simultaneous two-minute foot massages.

9. Play “your” song on the stereo when he walks in the door after a sweaty bout with the snowblower.

10.Farm the kids out to their friends’ houses one night every month. Note: Double-check to make sure that they’re all gone on the same night.

11.Play a game of strip Yahtzee.

12.Never underestimate the power of a sudden passionate kiss before dinner.

13.After driving his car, refill the tank.

14.Once in a while, go ahead and wear the lingerie he likes — even that thong you wish you’d never bought.

15.Get him a coupon card for a free coffee at his favorite java joint and slip it into his briefcase when he’s not looking.

16.Hold his hand at parent-teacher conferences, soccer games and ballet recitals.

17.If you’re up late, take 10 minutes to go outside and look at the stars together.

18.Strip down and go skinny-dipping with him whenever humanly possible.

19.After supper, ignore the dishes and slow-dance in the living room.

20.Ask him to slowly and gently brush your hair.

21.Write a magnetic love poem on the refrigerator about the day you met him.

22.Call his mom up sometimes just to say hi.

23.Go ahead — tell him your favorite dirty joke.

24.Develop a secret language based on things you’ve shared (for example, use “jiffy love” to mean your spur-of-the-moment, five-second groping sessions).

25.Tell him three reasons you think he’s a great father.

26.Meet him with a big fluffy towel when he’s getting out of the shower, and give him a rubdown from head to toe.

27.Take the television set out of the bedroom, and bring in some candles and satin (or flannel) sheets.

28.In bed at night, make sure to touch at least one part of his body, even if you don’t go for full-tilt spooning.

29.Smile across the pillow at him first thing in the morning.

30.Go grocery shopping together and pick out something really luscious for dessert.

31.Then sit on the couch with your legs entwined and take turns feeding it to each other.

32.Don’t ask him if he thinks you look fat in that dress.

33.Brag about him to your friends when you know he might overhear.

34.Mention that your old boyfriend has gotten really fat and bald, and that you thank God you married an eternal stud muffin like him.

35.Get him those funky gel soaps, moisturizers or loofahs you know he’d totally love but wouldn’t be caught dead buying himself.

36.If he has to go on a business trip, slip your sexiest lingerie into his suitcase.

37.Listen to him when he’s unhappy but without giving advice, even if you have to bite your tongue to keep quiet.

38.Help him make time for puttering around the basement, working on his golf swing or doing whatever else he loves.

39.Whisper in his ear sometimes, even if it’s just the grocery list.

40.Now and then, take lunch at the same time and have a picnic.

41.Knead his neck when he’s driving.

42.On cold winter days, warm up his clothes in the dryer before he puts them on.

43.Hug him when he’s washing the dishes.

44.Instead of drinking your morning coffee at the breakfast table, sit together on the couch, shoulders touching.

45.Now and then, lug out the old photo albums and remind each other of how much fun your life together has been.

46.If possible, try to arrange to carpool together to work.

47.Don’t argue in bed. If you’re mad at bedtime, get up and have the discussion in another part of the house.

48.Surprise him with a take-out dinner and a movie.

49.Blow him a kiss whenever you pull out of the driveway.

50.Give him a body-part-of-his-choice massage before he climbs out of bed in the morning.

51.Ask him to zip up your dress, then stand extra-extra-close while he does it.

52.When you’re using hand lotion, tell him you’ve put too much on and you need to rub your hands against his to sop up the extra.

53.Leave kisses, hearts, and the words “I love you” in lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

54.Kiss all 10 of his fingertips while he’s watching television.


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