Increase Your Sex Drive and Fertility with Royal Jelly


Increase Your Sex Drive and Fertility with Royal Jelly

Various studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of royal jelly in improving libido, desire, energy and sexual function, in both men and women. Also, as a tonic for reproductive health and fertility, it has been closely examined and various reports and studies are available.

There is little doubt that our sex drive diminishes at various times during our lives. Stress, illness, or simply that natural course of aging can have a dampening effect on our love lives leading to increased stress and anxiety on ourselves and our partners.

Royal jelly has been used for centuries as a natural libido aid and aphrodisiac. It’s properties, high amino acid content, minerals, vitamins, and that ‘unknown’ element which has still to be identified, appear to assist in reproductive function and intimate stimulation. It has even been used by high profile figures, to aid in fertility. The Duchess of York and Prince Andrew took royal Jelly to boost their fertility prior to the conception of the royal princesses!

While there are conflicting opinions among experts as to the cause of low libido/desire, there is a commonly shared view that certain foods can help. A diet rich in fruits, fibers, vegetables, grains and legumes can help assist libido and sexual desire, as can many of the traditional libido enhancers such as ginger root, cardamon, cloves and fresh garlic, pepper.

On the supplement front, both ginseng and royal jelly are used to increase libido, though we don’t generally recommend ginseng since it can have other negative effects on the cardiovascular system, particularly in older people.

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Royal Jelly has been shown to have positive effects on impotence in men. It can work positively on the prostate gland, and also to relax urethra compression. Impotency is by no means incurable and it isn’t always necessary to resort to harsh chemicals and prescription drugs to assist the problem. Natural products like royal jelly have been shown by Chinese and Korean researchers to be effective in the treatment of different libido / fertility related problems including impotency.

As always, if you plan to add royal jelly to your diet, do so under medical supervision, particularly if you have a history of medical problems. This can be said of all vitamin supplements, not just bee products. If you plan to purchase royal jelly, try to source a supplier where you can be sure that the product has not been pasteurized, as many seem to do these days. Also, consider combining royal jelly with bee pollen, propolis and honey, as a complete source of daily nutrition and vitamin supplementation.

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