A Healthy Vagina Leads to Healthy Sex


A Healthy Vagina Leads to Healthy Sex

A healthy vagina leads to healthy sex. That sounds like a headline for the New York Times. Sadly, I don’t think it will ever make it. But it’s true. When your vagina is happy your sex life is happy. When your vagina is mad your sex life fizzles. 

Keeping your vagina healthy is one of the most important things women can do for their overall health. It means not having to deal with nasty discharge and vaginal infections and it means learning about things you can do to keep the natural ph balance of your vagina where it is supposed to be.

Some dos and don’ts for a healthy vagina:

  • Do take a good look at yourself. Get a mirror and examine your genitals. See what is normal for you. Become familiar with your vagina. It is yours for life and if you know what is normal you are going to spot something abnormal faster.
  • Do wash you genitals. Gently. With soap and water. That is all you need.
  • Don’t put anything in your vagina that has chemicals in it. That means no deodorant sprays, scented/deodorant pads or tampons.
  • Don’t douche. It is the worst thing you can do. It washes away all the good bacteria, ruins the ph balance and leads to infection. If there is already an infection it just pushes it up into the uterus and then you have an even bigger problem.
  • Do pay attention to your menstrual cycle.
  • Do pay attention to any funny odor or discharge.
  • But DON’T try to fit it yourself by douching or using any of the above mentioned products. Masking the smell is not the answer. You vagina is not supposed to smell of roses or lilacs. If something doesn’t look right, feel right or smell right chances are you have an infection and need to see a doctor.
  • Do get checked for sexually transmitted infections if you are sexually active.
  • Do wear cotton underwear. Cotton is very breathable, if you will, and allows the vagina to get air circulating around it. This helps to keep things from building up “down there”, and also helps maintain good skin around the vagina area.
  • Do eat a healthy diet. You may not realize it, but a balanced, nutritious diet and drinking plenty of fluids are key to vaginal and reproductive health. In fact, certain foods may be effective in treating vaginal health problems. Cranberry juice and yogurt can potentially help prevent yeast infections and aid in their treatment. And if you experience vaginal dryness, ask your doctor if you should eat more soy products, which contain a weak form of estrogen that can aid natural lubrication.

There are supplements you can take to help keep the vagina healthy. You can find them at a health food store. Eating yogurt is also good for the vagina. 

Intivar is an all-natural vaginal gel that helps women produce more vaginal lubrication on their own. Intivar also acts as a tightening gel to help regain elasticity in the vaginal walls that women lose after childbirth or menopause. It contains Mirofirm, Panax Ginseng, which help with the vaginal tightening and vaginal lubrication. In addition Intivar contains Oak Gall and Witch Hazel, which promote better overall vaginal health and hygiene. 

When your vagina is healthy you are going to enjoy sex more. It is that simple. Try Intivar to help promote a healthy vagina so you can get the most out of your sex life.


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