Keeping the Sexual Desire Healthy and Going


Keeping the Sexual Desire Healthy and Going

A person’s drive or desire for sexual activity may vary from person to person, and depends on the circumstances at a particular time. Libido, a term that refers to this drive, is affected by different components, such as biological, psychological and social components. The biological factors that affect a person’s libido includes the levels of hormones, such as estrogen in women, and testosterone in men. Family, work and friends may also affect the sexual drive of a person, as well as psychological conditions such as stress, and happiness. Medical conditions may also affect this desire.

Female tend to loose the desire for sexual activity earlier, or most often, than men. This is due to many conditions particular to women, such as the monthly cycle, post-pregnancy conditions, as well as poor diet and lack of exercise, and with the current lifestyle of women these days, always busy with work and family, they feel less interested in making time for sex.

Ways to Increase a Woman’s Sexual Drive

There are many ways to increase a woman’s sexual drive. One is through natural ways, such as having a regular exercise, which can simply be a 30-minute brisk walk. Taking short naps when tired can help increase your sexual desire, for if you are too exhausted physically, then this may lose all desires all together. Relieving yourself from stress can also play a big part in keeping your sexual drive, attending yoga classes or simply enjoying a massage is already a big help.

Making sure that your body has enough supply of essential vitamins and minerals is also important in increasing your desire for love-making. Vitamin E and B, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium are the important nutrients that can enhance your sexual libido, as well as improve your sexual health.

Top 4 Herbs For Boosting Your Libido ( For Him and Her!)

About Female Libido Enhancer

Another way to enhance libido is by taking female libido enhancer. These are supplements that targets the increase of your sexual desire. Most of these supplements contain natural ingredients that enhance a person’s libido such as

  • Goji Berry  ( Goji berries boost testosterone and estrogen production, while also increasing mood, enhancing stamina and reducing stress-related symptoms)
  • Ginkgo biloba (Increases peripheral circulation)
  • Mucuna pruriens (It’s considered one of the best sex stimulants in the world, and helps increase male stamina, increase sperm count, and boost sex drive)
  • Hops Extract (Clinically studied for menopause support)

Different supplements may differ in ingredients used, but they aim is one, to help in keeping your sexual life active.

Many female libido enhancer are available either online or at your local drugstore. But given this, you should still take note of the possible side effects upon taking these supplements, as well as the ingredients used. Along with a few research and readings, you can now have a more desirable sexual life.

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