Guide to Being Slightly Naughty


Guide to Being Slightly Naughty

Turn traditional sexual activities into erotic new experiences with just a little imagination.

Are you bored with your typical bedroom routine? Don’t fret, it is possible to generate sexual sparks and fire up your sex life. All you have to do is use your imagination and get a little creative. Consider the following ideas:

Just a Flash of Light. Try using nothing but a flashlight as your light source the next time you have sex. You get all the benefits of the dark and all the novelty of a flashlight. He can beam the flashlight on you while you give him a little show. Or, take the flashlight and shine it on your face or a particular body part you know he loves. In fact, a flashlight is a great way to get to know each other’s bodies inch by inch. You can get as up close and personal as you want.

A flashlight can make sex sexier, too. Position it so it’s shining on you while you have sex. It can cast an unusual light on your entangled bodies. Watch yourselves in a mirror while you do it. Or play doctor, and take turns “inspecting each other” to make sure you’re healthy!

Naughty Nighttime Phone Calls. The phone can be a direct line to better sex. A little phone play provides the opportunity to get riskier and be dirtier than you may be face-to-face. It’s a great way to let loose and put some edge back into your relationship.

Don’t reserve phone sex just for the long-distance relationship (though it works wonders there too!). Give your honey a late-night call when you’ve decided to do your own thing, or when one of you is traveling.

Since the idea is to get aroused and have some fun, make sure you are comfortable and feeling a little frisky before picking up the phone. Get into bed. Wear something sexy. Or get naked. Then call him at a time when you know he’s alone, too. You might want to get the creative juices flowing with a great opener, like “I’ve just been trying on my new thong and garter!” or “I was just thinking of you as I took a long, hot shower.” The idea is to create the most luscious, erotic mental picture you can. Take the opportunity to talk about sex graphically, which you may not do in your “real” sex life.

Learn How To Have Sex All Around The House.

To restore the passion, unpredictability, and excitement to sex, there is just one word you need to remember: novelty. Make it your mantra. Think, what can I do to make this sexual experience different? Better? Hotter? These don’t have to be gangbuster, peel-me-off-the-ceiling ideas. In fact, it’s the little things that often make the most difference. Make a pact with your partner to try one new position this week, for instance, or buy a sensual massage video and use what you learn. Have sex in a different room or surprise him (and yourself) with a quickie the next time you’re rushing out the door to work.

Try taking a shower while he sits fully clothed with a prime view of the action. Or draw a bath and slowly and sensuously shave your legs. Cook dinner for him wearing nothing but an apron, or watch an erotic video and touch yourself. You can even turn something completely mundane, like paying the bills, into a sexual fantasy when you slip on a garter belt and fishnets!

 naked cooking

If you’re feeling really adventurous, give him a pair of binoculars and let him spy on you from outside. Or maybe you’re the one who wants to do the peeping? If so, ask him to switch roles with you and peer in on him as he showers or shaves in the buff. It can be highly erotic to watch and view him simply as a sexual being.

You might also consider taking your show on the road. For example, if you are returning home from a date night and want to have sex, don’t wait until you reach the bedroom. Start making out in the car and maybe even have your partner pull over to a safe location where you can explore a little motor-vehicle foreplay. Even if you end up finishing the deed at home in the bedroom, just knowing that you are so attracted to each other that you can’t resist touching each other that very moment is highly erotic. If you aren’t comfortable making out in your car in public, there are numerous ways to explore this option, such as by performing oral sex on each other after you pull into your driveway and are safely ensconced in your garage, or pulling each other’s clothes off in the hallway as you walk toward the bedroom.

If you are feeling a little more daring, there are a number of locations other than the bedroom to consider when having sex. The bathroom is an obvious good place to start, as is the kitchen (plenty of counter space!). Or, if you have a fenced-in backyard with privacy, grab your partner and make love under the stars.

With a little bit of effort and communication, every couple can have amazing sex throughout their relationship!

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