8 Subtle Ways to Get More Oral Sex


Get More Oral Sex

Get Him to Give You Oral Sex — Tonight!

When your man wants oral sex (which, let’s face it, is pretty much all the time) he makes no bones about it. But ever notice that getting your guy to return the favor can be tough? If your partner is reluctant to go south of your border or you’re too shy to ask him outright, you’re not alone. How do you pop the question without being pushy or making it awkward?

We’ve talked to the experts for some gotta-trythis tips on encouraging your man to be an oral enthusiast.

Speak Up!

Wouldn’t it be nice if men could read our minds? When it comes to giving pleasure, your guy may not know you’re wishing he’d pay a visit downtown. The next time you’re giving him oral, say something like “My turn next, right?” Or try a more direct approach: Ask him outright, ‘Wanna go down on me?’ Most men find it sexy when a woman is direct and asks for what she wants. They want to feel wanted, so if you ask for something in the bedroom it turns them on to know you desire what they can provide. A little lip service goes a long way, nudge, nudge.

Get That Oh-So Fresh Feeling

Stop worrying about how you smell or taste — your ambivalence can actually keep your guy from going down on you. It’s not that your man thinks you’re yucky, but he may hesitate because he’s picking up your apprehensive feelings. Sound like an all-too-familiar hang-up? Then pre-game with a shower. Do not use a scented douche or spray. Men love your naturally clean lady scent, not the smell of wilted roses. Your pheromones naturally produce a scent that are biologically appealing to men. Artificial fragrances, like from femme products, only mask it.


How To Get More Sex and Have Them Sexually Addicted To You.


Be His Cheerleader

When it comes to oral sex, you should always encourage your man — never criticize. So many men worry that they’re not doing it right. Guide him with your hand. And remember, just like you may be nervous about receiving oral sex, your guy may be feeling the same way. Use one word as guidance — left, right, softer, up. One word is heard as direction while sentences are often heard as criticism.

69 sex position

Try 69ing

The genius of the ’69’ position is that it allows both of you to receive oral pleasure at the same time. Since you’re both giving and receiving, it takes the spotlight off and allows for ample opportunity to play around and explore. Give yourself permission to enjoy being in the moment and don’t worry if an orgasm doesn’t happen. Think of 69ing as the appetizer, not the main course. Lay side by side, and try concentrating on what you’re doing, not what’s being done to you. Your focus should be on fun, not on the finish line.

 Wax On!

 A little grooming goes a long way — it’s a visual turn-on for many guys and it can also make you feel a lot sexier. If you give him easy access to your clitoris, he’ll feel more confident in effectively stimulating you. And if you’re bold you can even try vajazzling — that is, adding bling in the form of stick-on Swarovski crystals to your pubic area after a wax. Paying special attention to your most intimate body part shows you want to entice him. Whether you have a landing strip or your vadge sparkles like a disco ball, it’s really the thought you put into it that turns him on.

Get Inspired by Porn

Use one of his all-time favorite activities — yes, watching porn — as a means for bringing up your desires. Turn on a video featuring a guy performing oral on a woman. As you both get heated up, turn to him and say, “That looks like it feels good. Let’s try that!” Your man can imitate the action that’s on the screen. This lets him know exactly what he needs to do.

Watching these types of visuals can also make him feel less inhibited. It’s like being given permission to try a behavior. Heading straight for the girl-on-girl porn if your guy wants to see real skills. He may very well feel more comfortable getting oral instruction from a woman rather than a guy. Ask him to do ‘what she did”. We have a feeling he’s not going to object to a little skin flick inspiration either.

Request a Full Body Treatment

The next time you and your man are about to get intimate, tell him you want him to kiss and lick every inch of your body — we promise he’ll get the hint. Just make sure that you make more noise and let your excitement be known the closer he gets. Looks like a massage can relieve stress and so much more!







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