The Right Finger Techniques For Amazing Sex


The Right Finger Techniques For Amazing Sex

Using your fingers on a woman’s vagina can reap amazing results — given that you use the right finger techniques. Of course, it’s up to you to figure out exactly what your particular woman prefers when it comes to speed, tempo and amount of fingers.

So, today’s tip is offering up a bunch of finger techniques that most women will love. Before you get to work, however, there’s one thing that’s certain: A woman needs to be revved up and ready to go before you can manipulate her vagina with these finger techniques. You can’t just shove your fingers inside her or rub her clitoris without ensuring arousal first. So, remember to turn her on before you introduce her to your hands.

Here are some finger techniques that will surely press all her right pleasure buttons.

The rubber

The clitoris is the place to stimulate for most women. When she’s adequately self-lubricated, or you’ve put some water-based lube on your fingers, use the tips of your index and middle fingers to rub her clitoris softly in a circular motion. Her reaction will let you know that you’re on to something. Continue your pace and slowly begin to increase speed. At no point, however, should you go so fast that you end up losing focus.

If she yells out something like “Don’t stop!” then don’t stop. Some women, however, like it when you take a break from the clitoris and proceed to insert those very same fingers inside the vagina at a rhythmic pace. Take cues from her reactions to see if she’s one of these women.

The fastest finger

Does your woman prefer to have slow, exaggerated sex, or does she like to hop up and down on you like a bunny? If it’s the latter, using your middle finger to go in and out of her at high speeds may be beneficial in the orgasm department.

For this finger technique, you’d be best served to position yourself in front of her vagina (that is, spread her legs open and kneel in between them). That way, you can keep your hand straight and ensure that your finger(s) is (are) going in at full capacity. It also lessens the chances of missing your target.

The helping hand

If you can manage to use both hands at different tempos, she’ll keep getting wetter. While using the tips of your fingers on one hand to rub her clitoris in a circular motion, use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to glide in and out of her vagina. The multiple sensations will serve to increase her chances of reaching orgasm. It’s not a race, however; you don’t have to go as fast as humanly possible. Just keep a steady rhythm. If she wants it faster, she’ll let you know.

More finger techniques to keep your hands busy…

The screw

In the spirit of the “fastest finger” technique, you’ll need to use your index and middle fingers for this one. Again, sit between her legs and start off with the palm of your hand facing down. Insert your fingers all the way in, then turn your hand so that your palm is facing up and comes out. Repeat it as often as necessary until she reaches orgasm.

Tip: When you turn your hand so that your palm faces up, tap her clitoris with your thumb each time.

The G-spot indicator

Sitting in front of her with your palm facing up, insert your finger(s) inside her and make a “come hither” motion. Your objective is to try to tap her belly button from the inside, in effect, hitting her G-spot. Don’t get aggressive right away, however. Start off slowly and, judging by her reaction, keep the same pace or increase speed.

The shocker

If you and your woman enjoy experimenting and you’ve explored the back end before, this one may be quite enjoyable for her. While you’re using your index and middle fingers in her vagina, stick your pinkie finger in her anus (your hand must be sideways — that is, your palm would be facing her thigh). While you go in and out, both holes will be stimulated simultaneously.

Keep in mind that after you place a finger into her anus, you cannot place that same finger into her vagina — it may lead to an infection.

The slider

This finger technique needs good lubrication. With your index and middle fingers, start off by placing the tips of your fingers on either side of her clitoris, then glide down and make your way inside her vagina. Get back to where you started and keep repeating this maneuver.

Manipulating the vagina to orgasm is not as difficult as you may think. Once you manage to arouse her mind, her body will follow. And of course, you should encourage her to be vocal about what she likes.

Until next time, keep those fingers neat and trim, and show her what you can do with them.

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