5 Sex Stats Every Female Should Know


5 Sex Stats Every Female Should Know

Sex. Almost all of us have it yet most of us neither talk about it enough nor know as much as well should about it. (Heck, Sex Ed was a long time ago, but that’s no excuse!) So, we are here to shine some light on what to many consider the most intimate expression of love between two people. If you are going to engage, it is important you educate yourself so here are some important, interesting and fun Sex Stats that every girl (yes, even you!) should know.

Only 30% of women have orgasms regularly. There is no denying sex can feel amazing, yet many women are upset or embarrassed by their inability to climax. But know this: only 30% of women have orgasms regularly. So, it’s important to remember that there are many factors (beyond the physical) that can contribute to your inability to climax – starting with an impatient or incommunicative partner.

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So, speak up about what you like and don’t like and don’t be embarrassed to explore your own body first so you know what turns you on. Other factors that can contribute to your likelihood of reaching orgasm: your mood, the duration of foreplay, where you are in your cycle, your level of estrogen and other hormones and your level of comfort with your partner.

It’s normal not to be “in the mood.” While it may come as no surprise to most women out there, studies consistently show that men across the world all report higher sex drives than women. So, next time you are feeling less then ‘in the mood’ as he is trying to turn you on, understand that it is normal and natural for women not to have the desire as often. While women often are portrayed as sex hungry vixens in movies and on TV, it is helpful to remember that while the media’s portrayal of women’s sex drive has increased ten fold, studies show that real women’s actual sexual desires have not.

The average woman has sex 85 times per year in the US. Around the world, the average person has sex 103 times per year. It may not surprise you that Greeks and Brazilians topped the charts, the Japanese graced the bottom and Americans came in towards the bottom with an average of 85 times per year. Perhaps another reason why only 48% of Americans surveyed say they’re satisfied with their sex lives.

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Sex is healthy! Sex and orgasm trigger a rush of oxytocin, the feel good hormone, in your body, which then causes the production of endorphins, the protein molecules also created when you exercise. Feel like skipping the gym? Having sex 3 times a week can not only burn 7500 calories a year, but also can help ease PMS and cramping as well as depression. Just use protection, obviously!

20% of women have vaginal dryness (and 40-60% do during menopause!). It’s okay to need a bit lubrication to get things going. So, whether you’re having trouble finding yourself in the bedroom – or just looking to experiment a bit – try an all natural lubricant like Intivar, an organic sensual enhancement/lubrication product made with healthy ingredients!

So there you have it! Take these facts and do what you will with them. Sex is natural, normal, and beautiful and the more you know the better you can be in control and feel good about your intimate encounters.




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