Female Renewal Gel


intivar_gelIntivar™ Female Renewal Gel

helps you bring back the pleasure of sex

And no, it’s NOT just another lubricant. Intivar™ Female Renewal Gel is unique.

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It’s EVERYTHING you need in one easy to apply product. Just look at the benefits you’ll soon experience.

  • An almost cooling and instant vaginal tightening sensation you’ll feel within minutes of applying. Even after the first application! This is because the gentle and natural gel brings increased blood flow to the vaginal area, reigniting your sexual desire.
  • Improved lubrication to ease the dryness of your vagina. No more pain, just prolonged enjoyment.
  • Helps restore your elasticity. Aging and reduced hormones can wreak havoc with your sex life. Turn back the clock with Intivar™.
  • Stimulates your sexual responses. And both you AND your partner will be pleased to hear, it’s also cherry flavoured!
  • Enjoy sex again and reach orgasms more often. This in turn will ensure your partner enjoys sex again!
  • Made from natural botanical active ingredients. So you can be assured that the vaginal rejuvenation process is without any harmful chemicals.
  • Cherry flavoured, with added Aloe vera & Vit E.

These benefits make Intivar™ Female Renewal Gel especially suitable if you are:

  • Longing to restore the overall youthfulness of your vagina.
  • Experiencing or about to experience menopause.
  • Having difficulties with vaginal lubrication (dryness).
  • Experiencing problems due to having just given birth.

To enjoy ALL of the above, all you have to do is order Intivar™ today! Remember the sooner you order, the sooner you can once again add dramatic passion and lust to your bedroom!

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