How To Enlarge Your Penis Size Using Just Your Hand


How To Enlarge Penis Size Using Just Your Hand

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, but women do need you to have a large penis. Why is this? Well, women have areas deep inside their vagina’s that can be stimulated to give them intense orgasm. So, if your erection is shorter than 7 inches, you have little to no chance of really being great at sex. Luckily, there are all natural erection enlargement exercises that can add inches to your erection length.

Natural Erection Enlargement Exercises Examples

Penis Stretching: There’s lots of stretching exercises you can do. The best way to do them is by using your hands. There are stretching devices but these can cause permanent damage to your penis and should be avoided.

A basic technique is to make an “O” shape with your thumb and index finger. Grip your penis with your thumb and index around the head. Gently pull down creating tension on your penis. Hold this tension for 30 seconds. Wait 10 seconds then do it again. Repeat this cycle 10 times.

Kegel Exercises: This routine is to help you last longer during intercourse. There’s a muscle that controls when you start and stop urinating. It’s this muscle that you feel that you are going to exercise.

There’s different ways to do Kegel exercises. One simple way is to stop urinated about half way before you are finished. Hold it for 5 seconds then continue. Do this every time you urinate. This will help you immensely with being able to control premature ejaculations.

So, some food for thought on all natural erection enlargement exercises. Do your sex life a huge favor. Start doing penis exercises today and 4 weeks from now your erection will be absolutely massive!

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